Come and treat yourself to the delights of a turkish bath (hamam) An experience that is never likely to be forgotten. Your body will be bathed in tepit water and you canthen relax on a preheated marble bench. Due to the very warm and humid temperature your skin will become very soft. Subsequently you will receive a brisk rubbing down with a lambswool glove. This results in the removal of old skin, allowing the regeneration of new skin and thus stimulates the circulation.This alsa thoroughly cleanses your skin pores, resulting in very soft and smooth skin.

After this prodecure your body will be lightly massaged in naturel soaps and rinsed off in warm water. Then, when your body is totally relaxed you can enjoy a very soft but therough complete body massage. After this invigorating experience you will suntan more easily. Due to the effect of the massage your pores open and your skin will breathe beter, resulting in a guicker, deeper tan.