Turkish Bath

In the life of the Turks, baths are not only a place for washing, but also centers of health, social and cultural activities. One of the vital necessities of mankind is water for health.


The tradition of Turkish baths is a tradition that goes back to the Romans. The Turks who came to Anatolia joined the bathroom tradition they brought with them with the Roman and Byzantine traditions. Cleaning and hygiene rules ordered by Islam are also added.

Foam Bath

Just like in the world, SPA centers are increasing in our country, SPA treatments and massages are becoming popular. But what do you think is SPA, what does it mean, benefits, rules?


Massage, rehabilitation of a sick or tired organ; Is a type of therapy based on the principle that the mechanical energy created on the organism, in order to return to the same old state, creates deep physiological effects.

Cleopatra is our historian

Turkish Bath

Turks are a clean nation with their historical nobility. After the conquest of Istanbul, thousands of hammams have been built in this city and all over the State, especially because they have accepted Islam and applied Islamic provisions of cleanliness with great care.

Spa & Wellness

SPA Created with the abbreviation of Latin "Salus Per Aguam". What is a Spa? The word meaning is the comfort that comes with water. Apart from this word, it is often used in "Sanus Per Aquam".